• Windows Firewall
    Intrusion Prevention
    Application White List
    Parental Control
    Data Protection
  • Parental Control
    Access to known porn and malware sites is blocked
    to protect your youngsters and all the family
  • Computer data protection
    Get superior intrusion protection to protect your
    company and personal data with CellSecurity

Network Intrusion Prevention, Firewall, Application Protection

Your personal protection, Simple to use, Fully customizable

Regular Automatic Updates

Malware and country lists and the application are updated frequently

Easy to Use

Start with the default settings then refine with the intuitive interface to set more complex personalised configuration settings.

View History

See graphical summaries or full detailed panels of current activity and history Easily check who has been snooping by displaying details of where data is going

Set all your own parameters

Block by Country, Protocol, Port and application access to your system Temporarily allow access for specific locations for web pages or applications

Firewall for windows

Network Intrusion Prevention Firewall and Application Protection

  • Most risk to your system comes from external sources. Use one of the many tools available to tightly limit incoming access

  • By restricting application access you can eliminate data breaches and integrity issues

  • A constantly updated list of millions of know malware sites provides additional protection

  • Access to known porn and indecent sites is blocked to help protect your youngsters

  • Your data is valuable to both you and others with improper intentions! A number of procedures are available to prevent both incoming and outgoing data flow

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