What is CellSecurity?

CellSecurity tracks each connection your computer tries to establish with other computers and each connection other computers attempt to establish with your computer and then compares the other computers IP address against a list of proven bad IP addresses to determine whether it should let this connection go through or block all future attempts. it can block entire a country, there are easy to use other functions like Application Control, Protocol Control, Network Intefaces Control etc.

How does it do that?

An IP Address is like a telephone number, or a street address, for your computer - any time you connect to the Internet, your IP address is used to make that connection.  If you go to "www.google.com", your computer first translates this to an IP address (e.g., then sends a request to that address for a web-page; when the www.google.com computer receives this message, part of it contains your computer's IP address so that it knows how to send the web-page back to you.
CellSecurity is a type of program known as an "IP Filter".  It lives way down deep inside the networking code on your computer - the stuff in Windows that actually makes/receives network connections for you - and inspects everything that flows past it.  It looks at the IP address this network "packet" is coming from and which application requested for the connection, and compares it against a list of "bad" ip-addresses and other rules you configured in CellSecurity; if it finds a match, it doesn't let that network packet make it through to the rest of your computer.  It also looks at the IP address your network packets are going to, and does the same thing.

Where does CellSecurity get it's list of bad IP's?

CellSecurity has a network of partners who provide lists of known bad IP's. a few default lists included, lists that are updated 24/7 so that they always have the most up-to-date information. You can use your own "bad" lists of people you want to block.

How Do I Know CellSecurity Is Working?

Your CellSecurity will display all of your network connections in Monitor screen. As long as you are connected to the internet you will see the program actively identifying safe and blocking unsafe connections. 

You can easily block your Internet browser application like IE or Google chrome in settings screen and then the CellSecurity will block all communication activity of your Internet browser

Something I need to access is blocked! What can I do?

Sometimes the IP addresses programs need to connect to may end up on one of the blocklists you've configured CellSecurity to use. This can cause software to not download new updates, Windows Update to no longer work, programs to lose connectivity to the internet, etc. Luckily this is easy to fix!
What you'll need to do first is open Monitor screen and find the blocked connection, right click on the connection and click on Allow Permanently, Also you can temporarily allow them for 15 minutes.
Your "Permanent Allow List" can be edited later by going into the Settings\Traffic Rules\High Priority List screen.

How do I exit CellSecurity?

Even if you close the main CellSecurity window it will continue running in the background, like a firewall. To fully exit
CellSecurity you will need to right-click on the "systray icon" and select "Exit" from the popup menu.
This systray icon can be found in the lower-right corner of your screen, to the left of your clock. this icon should cause the text "CellSecurity" to appear. 

CellSecurity start on windows startup by default, you can change that by Settings\ General\ Accessibility screen.

How do you uninstall CellSecurity?

We are sorry to see you leave... Did you encounter some technical problems? We can help you fix it. You can email our support team and they will gladly help you.

Go to Control Panel and go to Programs. Then look for CellSecurity and click Uninstall.