• Show Splash: by turning on this switch at starting time of CellSecurity, an splash screen shows on center of desktop screen, turn off if it is bothering you.
  • Monitor screen focus on new packets: The Monitor Screen shows all connections, any new connection will add at the top of the list by turning the connections switch on. 
  • Warning on change traffic rules: in Home screen there are two views as a shortcut to change rules immediately, before changing the rule, CellSecurity shows a warning. By turning off the switch the warning will not show.
  • Game Mode: by default CellSecurity shows notifications and will try to interact with the user in Game Mode. By default all the interactive functions will be turned off. 
  • Start CellSecurity on startup: By turning on this switch every time your computer turns on then CellSecurity will start. Recommended setting.
  • Show Notifications: By turning on the switch CellSecurity will show pop up notifications of events.
  • Show blocked HTTP notification: If a web request is blocked by any rule CellSecurity will show a warning to show the web request was blocked. Notification Delay: Specific delay in the time to show each notification on screen. 
  • Protect settings by password: Changing rules and settings can protect by a password so administrators can lock the functions.