How to block an application by windows firewall

Hamish  6 years ago

Windows firewall can block an application, this tutorial can help you to protect your privacy by blocking unwanted application. there is an easy solution as well, you can install CellSecurity and block applications with just few easy steps.

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Hamish (CellSecurity Support)  6 years ago

Open Windows Firewall and click on “Advanced Settings”

Windows Firewall

Windows allow you to configure different rules for inbound and outbound connections.

To block and application you should define inbound and outbound rules.

Select inbound rule.

Windows firewall inbound rules

Right click on “Inbound Rules” and click on “New Rule”

Windows firewall new inbound rule

In the wizard select “Program” and click on next.


Windows firewall inbound rule

Click on Browse and find the application you want to block and then click on next.

Windows firewall inbound rule

Select “Block the connection”

Windows firewall inbound rule

In this step you should specify the profiles which you want to apply rule. If you want to block the application entirely select all the profiles.

Windows firewall inbound rule profile

Type a name and description for the rule and click on finish button

Windows firewall inbound rule

Click on Refresh

Windows firewall inbound rule

The new rule added to “Inbound Rules” now if someone try to connect to the application windows firewall will reject the connection.

Windows firewall inbound rule

You should create the same outbound rules as well, the steps is same as inbound, just click on “Outbound Rules” and right click on “Outbound Rules” and select “New rule” and then follow the wizard